Bringing yum-cha to you.

Putting you in the mood to dance and reminsice, this song was chosen to make you feel warm and transported back in time. Inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s ‘In the Mood for Love’ soundtrack, this piece sets the tone and entrances the audience into the stories.

The buzzing of conversations. Tapping of chopsticks. Children laughing. Families reminiscing. Friends catching up. The clinking of ceramics. Cantonese and English echoing through the restaurant. Trolleys rumbling through. This is yum-cha in Sydney.  T

Dynamic Subtitling

A playful yet familiar approach to subtitles. Here, subtitles are used to capture the nuances and characteristics of the voices to engage with the audience whilst still remaining visually familiar and understandable. The aim is to not be distracting, but highlight the quirks and personality of the interviewees.




Art Direction

A stylistic choice has been made to have aspects of highly produced imagery and low-fi film for the documentary. The art direction is set to re-enact scenes and the nuances of yum-cha in a highly stylised and almost analytical way. In contrast to the mimicry of Super8 film projects through the interviews, this direction is a way to show the modern love of yum-cha. This documentary is a bridge between the past and present.